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Scann View Retailer

The best and most complete intelligence tool on the market. Identify and seize your main opportunities in each store and SKU to boost your results.

JBP 360o

Visibility of key indicators and levers together with partner manufacturers.


Optimize your stock at retail and manufacturer by avoiding shortages and excesses. Improve profitability, mix, stockout and inventory levels.

Some of the Retailer Chains that Trust Scanntech


Alexandre Camacho

Commercial director

Big Mart Network

“With Scanntech Promotions Club , I can quickly access the platform, accept a promotion, print out the posters for the store and make that promotion available to my customers.”

Evandro Morais

Category and Pricing Manager

Group D’avó

“f you can’t trust the data, ’ your shelves won’t meet shopper’s needs and you won’t achieve good results. Therefore we use Scanntech’s information to create a good brand score card and offer a more suitable assortment at D’avó.”

Rafael Carnevali

Business Intelligence Manager

Tent Atacado

“Scanntech tool’s dynamism, the time it takes them to update the data and their team’s business expertise are factors that add value to our strategies towards our business partners.”

Angélica Dal Pont

Perfumery Sales Manager

Bistek Supermarket

“The intelligence of Scanntech will generate a positive flux without end. There are informations that indicate the next action to be taken. We made a deal and right away we identified a new opportunity. It's a virtuous circle of work.”

Rogério Castro

Sales Manager

Group RedeCompras

“The Promotion Club helps us to plan, communicate in store with automatic posters and in the end we have greater control and management of the amounts invested by us and by the industries.”

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