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The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide users of the Scanntech website with information related to the eventual collection and storage of data after interacting with us through access to the electronic address:


  • Scanntech is concerned with the privacy of users, which is why it limits itself to collecting and storing data only essentially necessary for optimizing access, such data being called “cookies”, and such cookies may be deleted at any time. Scanntech may occasionally store personal data, which may identify a natural person. In this context, Scanntech is limited to storing only the personal data provided by the user himself, committing himself not to disclose them, assign them, or dispose of them to any third party, and such data may also be immediately deleted upon request of the holder.


    • WHAT ARE?
    • Cookies are files stored on the user's system that allow the capture of certain data after accessing Scanntech's website. The data captured may include the IP, the browser used, the date and period of access.  

    • Cookies have the sole purpose of providing a better user experience when accessing Scanntech's website, since your preferences are stored on the website in order to enable priority viewing of relevant content, and the user may refuse to do so at any time. them or delete them.  

    • If the user does not want cookies to be stored on his system, he can simply refuse them immediately after accessing the website, clicking on the options shown in the pop up, “reject all cookies”. If the user wants to delete cookies already stored, just follow the steps described in the links below, depending on the browser used.  

      • For Google Chrome browser:  
      • For Internet Explorer:  
      • For Microsoft Edge:
      • For Mozzilla Firefox:
      • For Safari:


    • WHAT ARE?
    • Personal data comprises all data capable of identifying a natural person, such as name, CPF , number, General Registration - RG, email and telephone number..
      We declare that mere access to Scanntech's website does not generate transmission or collection of personal data, such data being only stored by Scanntech in the event that the user requests contact with Scanntech, in which case the following are required: name, surname, telephone and email.

    • Personal data is requested and stored for the sole purpose of providing better service to user requests.

    • Personal data can be deleted at any time upon simple request by the holder by completing the following form:
      After requesting the deletion of personal data, Scanntech undertakes to permanently destroy any stored data that may be able to identify the holder.

Finally, Scanntech declares, under the penalties of the law, that it stores the mentioned data in compliance with the current legal system, and this policy may be modified at any time, regardless of prior communication to the user, depending on legislative updates.

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