About Scanntech

About Scanntech

Scanntech was founded in Uruguay, expanded into Latin America and now leads the way across all the countries where it operates.

The Company arrived in Brazil in 2013 and grew rapidly. Now 8 out of every 10 top retailers and more than 150 major manufacturers use its services.

Scanntech has revolutionized the way market information is used: by going from clustered and expanded information to see trends, Scanntech has designed a swift and actionable granular intelligence platform through which the best opportunities to boost retailers’ and manufacturers’ results and bring business partners closer.

Our intelligence model is possible only because our base provides the most comprehensive coverage of Brazilian retailers and information from more than 35,000 points of sale – ticket by ticket, item by item, which ensures actionable, robust and accurate information, algorithms and artificial intelligence.


of the top 500 chains in Brazil

+R$ 550 Bi

processed in a year


POS scanned


of the self-service food channel covered


Information within D-2

Main Investors



Scanntech is born

A software to help design and sell technology solutions for points of sale was build. To that end, the company built open-source software for personal personal computers that works as the Point of Sale (POS). Based on these POSs´, an innovative model was designed and adapted - and continues being adapted - to retail channel reality, thus helping with all retailer’s managerial needs.




Scanntech decided to kick-start its internationalization policy, beginning with the Argentinian market.




Major investment groups from across the world invested in Scanntech




The company took the major challenge of going into the Brazilian market, with a view to expanding into major Brazilian cities.



Promotions Club

Scanntech launched the Promotion club Platform, which was designed to establish a connection between retailers and manufacturers, through which manufacturers provides retailers with promotions, free of charge.



Scanntech Analytics

Scanntech launched the Scanntech Analytics Platform, an online platform that provides interactive reports updated within D-2 to help boost revenues for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.



Scanntech reached BRL270 billion sellout scanned in a year



Keeping up with rapid growth, Scanntech reached BRL520 billion scanned in a rolling year, 900 million tickets scanned every month.

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