A revolution in the retail segment

Scanntech has been active in the segment for more than 20 years and has major partners.

Uma revolução no mercado

Scanntech atua no segmento há mais de 20 anos e conta com grandes parceiros.

SCANNTECH’s Presence

Scanntech is the current leader in all markets in which it is located, but it is worth highlighting its main performance in its country of origin, Uruguay, where the company has the largest presence and growth.

Scanntech arrived in Brazil in 2013. There it partnered and connected with numerous point-of-sale software providers. It has partnered with numerous retailers and industries, having a very large database. The number of connected establishments exceeds 19,000, allowing the obtaining of very relevant information for Brazilian companies of mass consumption.

Hence, Scanntech grew exponentially in its short years of life, but without ever forgetting its premise: to commit to the needs of its customers and help them grow their business.

71% OF retail SALES

in Brazil are monitored by the platform

400 OF THE TOP 500

ABRAS ranking retail chains already integrated within the platform

+19,000 POS's IN BRAZIL

+400 new partner stores per month

D-2 info

D-2 market information for decision-making that increases sales


Our story

Scanntech is founded

with the objective of contributing to the development and commercialization of technology solutions for points of sale. To this effect, it creates open software for personal computers that function as points of sale (POS). Supported by these POS, an innovative model that has adapted and continues to adapt to the reality of the retail channel has been developed, assisting in all its management needs.


Scanntech decided to implement an expansion policy, starting with the Argentinian market.


Scanntech receives contributions from large investment groups around the world:


The company begins the great challenge of settling in Brazil, seeking to expand in the main cities of the country.

Promotions Club

Scanntech launches the Promotions Club platform. Made to establish a connection between retail and industry, where industry provides promotions at no cost to retailers.

Scanntech Analytics

Scanntech launches Scanntech Analytics Platform, an
Online platform with interactive reports updated in D-2.
To help leverage revenue from industries, distributors, and
retail sales.

Scanntech covers 71% of Brazilian retail sales

Scanntech covers 71% of total Retail Through various partnerships with retailers, Scanntech already has a reading of 270 Bi in revenue out of a total of 378 Bi disclosed by ABRAS.

Se funda Scanntech

Com o objetivo de contribuir para o desenvolvimento e
comercialização de soluções de tecnologia para pontos de venda.
Com esse objetivo cria um software aberto para computadores
pessoais que funcionam como pontos de venda (PDV). Apoiado
nesses PDV's, desenvolveu-se um modelo inovador que se
adaptou e continua se adaptando à realidade do canal de varejo,
auxiliando em todas as suas necessidades de gestão.


Scanntech opta por iniciar uma política de internacionalização,
começando pelo mercado argentino.


Scanntech recebe aporte de grandes grupos de investimentos ao
redor do mundo:


Scanntech começa suas atividades no Paraguai, buscando alianças
com empresas de consumo massivo locais


A companhia começa o grande desafio de se instalar no Brasil,
procurando expandir-se nas principais cidades do país.


Scanntech começa suas operações no Perú

Clube de Promoções

Scanntech lança a Plataforma Clube de Promoções. Feita para
estabelecer uma conexão entre varejo e indústria, onde indústria
disponibiliza promoções sem custo para os varejistas.

Scanntech Analytics

Scanntech lança a Plataforma Scanntech Analytics, uma
Plataforma online com relatórios interativos atualizados em D-2.
Para ajudar a alavancar a receita de indústrias, distribuidores e

Scanntech teim leitura de $R 270 bi

Scanntech cobre 71% do total do varejo, por meio de várias
parcerias com os varejistas, a Scanntech já tem leitura de 270 Bi
em receita, de um total de 378 Bi divulgado pela ABRAS.